Who is Ruth?

Welcome to RuthRoCkS.com“  The photographic adventures of Allison (Ruth) Murphy.  This is my new blog.  My middle name is Ruth.

My grandmother’s name was Ruth.

I thought “RuthRoCkS.com” was a catchy name and I hope it will be easy for people to remember.

I’ll be posting new photo(s) daily.  Please visit often.

All the best,

Allison Murphy


Please Be respectful of my time and work:

IT IS A VIOLATION of Title 17, United States Code, to modify, enhance or reproduce these images without the express consent of the copyright holder.

If you are interested in licensing any of my work for a specific use, please contact me : allisonmurphy@earthlink.net

I look forward to establishing a working relationship with you.

Using My Photos on Your Website

If you would like to use one of my photos on your website, you may do so on the following conditions:

  1. You may not alter the photo in any way.
  2. The photo is wrapped with the following link/code:

    <a href=”https://ruthrocks.com” title=”Allison Ruth Rocks Murphy Photography” />Photo by Allison Murphy</a>

11 Responses to “Who is Ruth?”

  • Love your new logo! I love your new look too except that my computer is so dark that I cannot see the images well enough. )-;
    Love you too!!!

  • Dear Allison,
    Your grandmother, “Ruth”,
    my Mom, would be so very proud
    and feel so honored that you named
    this website of yours after her.
    You are the best.
    Love, Mom

  • Hi Alli,
    I just wanted to tell you that I am also proud of you! Keep up the great work and can’t wait to see you!

  • nicole caylor(reynolds)

    holymoly girl!! how r u? doin well i see..it’s been so long i hope all is well..don’t do the fb/twitter shit at all..not alot i guess but saw ur name on fb..if ur ever out in la call me..miss u chica..glad ur life is going well..me too!! this site is great..good for u!

  • Benjamin Cooke

    Love your photos! Thanks for getting me that beer the other night at Bowlive! What show are you going to be at next?

    -Cameraguy from front row

  • irving naftaly

    Great pictures of warren and the rest of the band!!

  • Great Job!!! Love following……..

  • luv ur beautiful photography – so many artists & so refreshing tht i dont hav 2 pay. would luv 2 c bonnie raitt

  • Just wanted to say thank you for being so respectful of the music and the crowd (me included) at bklyn bowl last Friday. Just looked at your sticker today.

  • Just got lost in here…thanks for sharing all these amazing shots. Love it! Love that you let us in on your adventures! See you next time! Cheers

  • Dear Allison, I am amazed at all the photos you have taken over the years! I recognize some of the performers, but most of them I am not familiar with. You and Dino are getting famous!How was your trip to Colorado? I was concerned you might be in danger of all the rain while you were there, but your Dad assured me that you were okay. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather of the past several days. Chinatown day trip was very, very hot and tiring.
    Stay well.
    Love, Gram xo

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